In The Wake Of Disaster, JetBlue Soars

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe chat with Icema Gibbs, JetBlue’s VP of CSR about the airline’s robust corporate disaster giving history and ongoing initiatives. We also dive into lessons learned from the catastrophic 2017 hurricane season (one of the worst on record) in which JetBlue played a special role. On the show Joe, Megan and Icema discuss:

  • JetBlue’s top priorities after a disaster event: crew members, customers and community.
  • The many activations JetBlue had in the wake of the 2017 hurricane season with a special focus on Puerto Rico
  • Why it’s critical for companies to contribute in ways that leverage their internal assets
  • The importance of assessing local need and how hard it can be to balance a quick and appropriate response
  • The different phases of disaster recovery and the importance of empowering a local community to get back on its feet
  • Why more collaboration between companies is critical in a disaster and the steps JetBlue has taken to form tighter alliances
  • What JetBlue looks for in nonprofit partners: like-minded organizations that are nimble, flexible and align with the JetBlue brand
  • The balance between providing information and being boastful