PwC’s $125 Million Commitment To Support A More Equitable Future

PwC’s Responsible Business Leader Jeff Senne drops by to talk about their new “Access Your Potential” initiative.

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It’s a brave new world for corporate social impact professionals as companies adapt and pivot their programs to focus on true and lasting impact.

In this episode of Cause Talk Radio, Alli and Megan are joined by Jeff Senne, Responsible Business Leader at PwC, to discuss a new initiative called “Access Your Potential” and the company’s $125 million commitment to support a more equitable future for 25,000 black and Latinx college students.

Jeff shares that this program is more of an evolution on social impact work the company has done over the past five years and describes his views of the business benefit to PwC in creating a more diverse workforce.

PwC is committed to “walking the talk” and will also hire 10,000 students from this program.

Tune in to hear more about where this exciting initiative is headed and the impacts it strives to create.

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