Don’t Eat Your Young: A Nursing Podcast

Don't Eat Your Young: Maggie Ortiz

Learning to Protect Yourself with Maggie Ortiz

May 17, 2022

Nurse advocate Maggie Ortiz joins Beth today to talk about how nurses can protect themselves in an increasingly litigious and unfair system, and provides detailed information about how the system works these days so nurses can be more aware of what to expect.

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Don't Eat Your Young, a Nursing Podcast • Season 3, episode 1: Sandra Capito

The Compassionate Approach with Sandra Capito

May 3, 2022

Sandra Capito has been a nurse for many years, but what makes her special is her ability to really treat each person with compassion, empathy and making them feel worthy.

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Don't Eat Your Young: A Nursing Podcast • episode 209

A Nurse’s View From the Patient’s Side with Rachel Chianakas

January 11, 2022

Rachel Chianakas had been a nurse for 6 years when she suffered a non-work injury that took away her ability to work at the bedside. She felt that she was gaslighted and demoralized after her initial surgery when her symptoms were not taken seriously. This episode will discuss healthcare from a patient’s perspective and what we can do to help advocate for our patients.

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Helping Nurses Heal Nurses with Traci Powell

January 4, 2022

Traci Powell has been in nursing for many years as a neonatal NP and later as a certified Psych Mental Health NP. In her 40s, she suffered a mental “collapse,” and almost took her own life. Listen to Traci tell how she has healed and is now working to heal others with intense, cutting edge care.

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Happy Holidays from Don’t Eat Your Young

December 23, 2021

May your holidays bring peace, rest, and joy. To all in our family of nurses, we love you, we thank you, and we wish you strength.

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Stopping Health Care Violence with Sheila Wilson

December 21, 2021

Sheila Wilson has been a nurse for decades, but is still out there advocating and supporting nurses. Have you been a victim of healthcare violence and didn’t get the support you needed? Sheila will talk about how to find resources and continues to fight to decrease the incidence of assault and battery of our bedside nurses.

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When Standards of Care Are Breached with Ashley Hughes

December 14, 2021

Ashley Hughes has been a Legal Nurse Consultant for several years and is back this season to talk about implications when standards of care have been breached. She will share tips on documentation and how to learn more about standards of care. Ashley also discusses how this impacts travel nurses, and how to become familiar with the state or facility that they are working in. Don’t miss out on this very informative episode!

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Don't Eat Your Young: A Nursing Podcast, with your host Beth Quaas • Episode 205 • Working to Stop Healthcare Violence with June Garen

Working to Stop Healthcare Violence with June Garen

December 7, 2021

June was excited about her new job in a facility caring for patients with mental health issues, but then it was cut short by a violent act from one of the patients. She shares her story with how she is healing both physically and emotionally from that dark time, and hopes that she can help others that have been the victim of violence in the workplace.

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Fighting to Improve Working Conditions with Rasheda Hatchett

November 30, 2021

Rasheda Hatchett is helping our leaders and organizations understand what nurses need to be resilient and have healthy work environments. Do you want ideas to take back to your own leaders about how to start turning the ship to improve your work life? You will get some strategic tips from Rasheda on how to start the transition for improvement.

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Finding Your Inner Wellness with Nasrin Parsian

November 23, 2021

Nasrin “Nas” Parsian has spent years researching chronic health conditions, specifically DM Type I, and how spirituality and inner wellness can affect the outcome of those disease processes. She now teaches others how to best help our ourselves, and our patients, live healthier lives by utilizing a holistic approach. Join your host Beth Quaas in this episode as she has a delightful conversation with Nas.

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