Don’t Eat Your Young: A Nursing Podcast

Don't Eat Your Young episode 308

Reducing Your Stress Through Calming Calligraphy with Angie Bailey

August 30, 2022

Angie Bailey joins Beth to talk about the new classes she’s offering to nurses – and anyone else who needs them – that teach how to use calligraphy to find a sense of calm.

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The Careerwise Nurse with Natalie D’Itri

August 16, 2022

Beth talks with Natalie D’Itri today and the importance of nurses being aware of career ownership and achieving your dreams in the nursing field.

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Mentoring and Positive Growing with Laurel Ash

July 12, 2022

Laurel Ash joins Beth on the show to discuss her nursing career, transitioning to a home care practice, working as a mentor and the battle against bullying.

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Mapping the Right Direction for Your Career and Life: Talking Inspiration with Susan Farese

June 28, 2022

Susan Farese joins Beth to talk about moving beyond nursing – or starting up your own entrepreneurial side job while still nursing. They also talk about the importance of mentors and coaches, finding outlets, career mapping, and inspiration.

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Funding Our Healthcare System: An Old Model Reimagined with John Silver

June 14, 2022

John Silver joins Beth to talk about the Public Utility Model, a plan to shift the healthcare insurance structure and promote community/population health in this country, along with his Declaration of Independence for Nurses.

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A Broken System Revealed: Nursing During the Pandemic with Troy McMullen

May 31, 2022

New nurse Troy McMullen joins Beth to talk about the challenges of becoming a new nurse right before the pandemic hit and the trials and tribulations of working as a travel nurse through the times of COVID.

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Learning to Protect Yourself with Maggie Ortiz

May 17, 2022

Nurse advocate Maggie Ortiz joins Beth today to talk about how nurses can protect themselves in an increasingly litigious and unfair system, and provides detailed information about how the system works these days so nurses can be more aware of what to exp

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The Compassionate Approach with Sandra Capito

May 3, 2022

Sandra Capito has been a nurse for many years, but what makes her special is her ability to really treat each person with compassion, empathy and making them feel worthy.

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A Nurse’s View From the Patient’s Side with Rachel Chianakas

January 4, 2022

Rachel Chianakas had been a nurse for 6 years when she suffered a non-work injury that took away her ability to work at the bedside. She felt that she was gaslighted and demoralized after her initial surgery when her symptoms were not taken seriously. Thi

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Helping Nurses Heal Nurses with Traci Powell

December 28, 2021

Traci Powell has been in nursing for many years as a neonatal NP and later as a certified Psych Mental Health NP. In her 40s, she suffered a mental “collapse,” and almost took her own life. Listen to Traci tell how she has healed and is now working to he

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