Play By Your Own Rules with Keeonna Williams

Keeonna Williams knows first hand what it is like to suffer from burnout and come out better on the other side. From being in the ICU after suffering from a TIA, to a locum assignment on a Pacific Island, Keeonna will share her healing story and inspire us all to make the change now to care for ourselves.

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Keeonna Williams has been a nurse for many years in the OR and understands the toll that the environment in which you work can have on your well-being. After having been bullied and having witnessed bullying, she became an advocate for those that hadn’t yet found the confidence to speak up. She now mentors students and new nurses on the job in addition to standing as a supporter on social media.

Keeonna didn’t realize that she was burned out until she suffered a TIA and spent time in the ICU. Looking back, she realized that she was irritable and just wasn’t herself, but didn’t take the steps to heal herself. When she was able to go back to work, she took an assignment on a small island in the Pacific — just what she needed. It was a laidback place to nurse. When she wasn’t at work, she was able to unplug without the demands of such a busy life and non-stop responsibilities. Keeonna began to heal and realize what was important in her life.

Since that time, Keeonna has started a business called Holistic Balance in order to help other women prevent burnout and also teaches strategies for self care. By listening to her story, we can all be inspired to evaluate our lives and live a more balanced life — play by our own rules.

About Keeonna Williams

Keeonna Williams is a registered nurse and an aspiring entrepreneur who hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. She is an alumna of the Charity School of Nursing. She got her Master of Science in Nursing from Concordia University of Austin, with a concentration in Healthcare Project Management and emphasis in Leadership. Her professional experience cuts across school nurse, postpartum, long-term acute care, operating room, and other specialties. Keeonna is currently transitioning from intrapreneurship to entrepreneurship as a registered nurse. She recently earned her certificate of completion from RNterprise Academy, with a focus on coaching, speaking, and writing.

Driven by the passion of empathy, Keeonna Williams founded Holistic Balance with the vision to educate and empower busy women with self-care and resilience strategies to prevent burnout, manage stress, and enhance their overall well-being. She is creating her path as a speaker, writer, and coach. She is also the author of “The Golden Rose: My Journey towards Conquering Stress,” an anthology that serves to share the triumphs and victories of 30 nurses’ victories of achieving successful arrival towards their unique destination. Her experience as a nurse has equipped her with the necessary tools to assess the individuals’ and situations, collaborate with them to develop a plan, assist and hold them accountable for implementing the plan, serving as their self-care advocate.

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