Fighting for Nurses’ Rights with Denise Crawley

Denise Crawley works for all nurses by helping them to understand their basic rights. She developed the Nurses’ Rights Association in Canada and is now working with nurses around the globe to change the culture of nursing so that our basic rights are recognized and respected.

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Denise Crawley worked as a nurse for few years in Canada before leaving the profession. While still new to the profession, she had been bullied and when she asked for support from her manager, found that she had a “target on her back.” Her experiences with this toxic culture indirectly led her to leave nursing. Since that time, she has devoted her time to serve nurses in a new capacity by founding the Nurses Rights Association.

The goal of her work in the Association is to help nurses understand their basic human rights as found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Denise believes that all nurses deserve to work in a safe environment, have proper staffing ratios, adequate PPE, and the support of those in administration. A few of the things Denise promotes on her platform are mini-retreats for nurses and peer support groups for nurses that have sustained workplace injuries.

Denise wants nurses to know their rights. Before accepting a job, do your research and ask questions to determine if that position is a good fit for you. Take a look at her Declaration of Unity that you can find on her FB group. She wants nurses to feel safe to do their jobs and ask for help.

She is doing great work.

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About Denise Crawley

Denise Crawley is a former nurse and current nurse activist, who now works in the Hospitality industry. She left the nursing field in January 2018 but continues to advocate for nurses’ rights.


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