Nurses Continuing to Learn With Shane Slone

Shane Slone started as an excited new nurse, wanting to learn everything that he could. He was an RN working in the ICU doing 12 hour shifts. It seemed that he would work, go home exhausted, eat and sleep, just to wake up and do it all over again. After several years working in a stressful ICU work environment, he was ready to leave nursing altogether, but he took a step back and realized that he still had a lot to give to this amazing profession.

Shane has a lot of insight into the toxic workplaces in which many nurses find themselves working. He talks about the culture of acceptance needing to improve, and how that starts with our leadership. He has a great message for those nurse leaders out there – take care of your staff and work to facilitate change. Shane says that as a profession, we need to improve education for our nurses to learn about communication, conflict resolution and taking care of ourselves.

Because of that need, Shane started Nursing CE Central. He saw the need to offer continuing education to his colleagues in a convenient, online learning platform. The list of topics is expansive and he is always adding new information. Check out his website for more information.

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About Shane Slone

Shane Slone is an Advanced-Practice-nurse-turned-entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Nursing CE Central and is passionate about quality nursing education.