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The Careerwise Nurse with Natalie D’Itri

Turning Anger Into Motivation with Tammy Jacobs

Tammy has worked in many nursing roles in her 25 years as a nurse. After a change in leadership which, as she found, was unsupportive of more seasoned nurses, she knew she had to find a more fulfilling role. She also felt pushed to obtain her BSN, but wasn’t interested. She says, “The degree behind our licensure doesn’t matter; our caring spirit and professionalism do.”

Then came a day in the OR when she had a run-in with members of her OR team and, when called into the office, was told by her manager that “nurses are supposed to be angels who let things roll off them.” She realized that she had let things roll off her for too long. Tammy left her job shortly after that to start helping others. She is now a life and health coach. 

Listen to Tammy recount her story of bullying and how she decided to take her life back and be happy again. It was scary for her at times, but in the end, all worth it.

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About Tammy Jacobs

Tammy is a Registered nurse of 26 years and now a Transformational Coach. In her 26 years as a nurse, she has worked in many different areas of nursing: office nursing (cardiology and pediatrics), nursing homes, hospital floor nursing, and most recently in the operative room for the past 16 yrs. 

Tammy began to notice that nursing as a profession – and medicine as a whole – was changing, a change that took her from having more time for patients to less. The change also brought less autonomy and left her feeling defeated most days. Because of her exhaustion, she began searching for a career where she could serve others in a more personal way and have the time and freedom in doing it. This led her to become a coach through which she can help and support women to get out of their own way and trust that all will fall into place just as it is meant to. She calls empowering women through her coaching not only her passion, but her superpower. 


  • (00:00) – Welcome to Don’t Eat Your Young • Tammy Jacobs
  • (01:12) – Her Nursing Journey
  • (02:49) – Her Favorite Part of Nursing
  • (03:27) – Her Least Favorite Parts
  • (04:17) – Experience in the OR
  • (05:24) – Leaving the OR to Coach
  • (16:52) – Burned Out or Had Enough?
  • (18:55) – Tammy Jacobs Coaching
  • (20:49) – Nurses Moving Through the Time of COVID
  • (26:44) – Last Thoughts
  • (27:09) – Connecting With Tammy
  • (28:04) – Wrapping Up

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