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The Careerwise Nurse with Natalie D’Itri

Living With a Purpose With Eboni Gee

Eboni Gee is a whirlwind force who seems to never lose her spark as she is growing a business to help others learn from the hard work that she has already put in. She is passionate about helping others and is a wealth of knowledge in so many areas. She has her own podcast called “The Kidney Connection” where she shares her nursing expertise in all things renal health and beyond. Eboni covers many different topics in her show and there is something for everyone to learn.

Eboni is also the master of organization and time management. I spent some time learning from her and she helped me with things that I had no idea even existed. She has learned much of her knowledge in podcasting by trial and error – she will save you the time of making the same mistakes she’s made in the past. 

Her story in nursing is one that many of us can relate to – stressful, burnout, not as rewarding as it once was. But she took the first step to take back her joy. In doing all the hard work in developing her business, she now teaches what others need to know without time spent figuring it out on their own. She is a force to be reckoned with!

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About Eboni Gee

Living with a purpose – LWAP was founded in 2015 by Eboni Gee with the vision to help busy professional women with their time management for a healthier personal and professional life. LWAP is a US-based company that is focused on promoting wellness practices through time management for better overall wellness and kidney health. We work with busy, professional women to help them learn how to prioritize their wellness. Most major diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes, and hypertension, all are a result of a poor lifestyle. Procrastination is the foundation of many lessons since all-time management begins with planning, LWAP is dedicated to promoting wellness through consistent time management, priorities, and organization skills that lead busy professional women to achieve success in their careers, businesses, and personal lives. 

I also help people realize their dream of podcasting because creating my podcast not only saved me time with my content creation, but it allows me to stay consistent, use my time wisely and spread my message to people internationally and helped me land partnerships and opportunities to get in front of even bigger audiences.

Links & Notes

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Don’t Eat Your Young • Eboni Gee
  • (00:52) – Eboni’s Nursing Journey
  • (03:00) – Being a Case Manager
  • (04:21) – Transitioning Out of Patient Care
  • (07:15) – Reading the Burnout
  • (10:20) – Patient Care Suffers
  • (12:20) – Less Physically Taxing Work
  • (18:29) – Nurses’ Needs
  • (22:31) – Eboni’s Podcast
  • (24:45) – Podcast Training
  • (29:06) – Tips & Advice
  • (30:33) – Wrapping Up

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