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Lois Hollis: A True Pioneer and Trailblazer

Lisa Dunlap: Miracle Healing Through Self-Care

Lisa Dunlap is a Geriatric NP that practices holistic and integrative medicine. A little over a year ago, while dealing with burnout from her job, she was having health issues that were finally diagnosed just as the COVID pandemic was ramping up. Finding out that she had an ovarian mass, and without the option for surgery at the time, she turned to her mindfulness practices, awareness, and self-care. When she was finally allowed to go to surgery, there was no sign of the mass and her stress was gone; she attributes this to her healing practices and efforts to manifest health. 

Lisa believes that we can’t control what happens in the environment around us, but we can control how we think and be present in the moment. Through her nursing journey, Lisa was told by her teachers that she just needed to do her time and start on med/surg—they didn’t think she would make it very far because she “believed in woo-woo stuff”. Her mindful self-care has not only helped to heal, but she is now helping others to heal as well. 

Tips for nurses:

  1. One deep breath can move us from SNS (fight or flight) to the PNS (more relaxed) state
  2. Hang in there and stay strong in yourself – no one can tell you different
  3. Encourage a practice of self-care throughout the day

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About Lisa Dunlap

Lisa Dunlap Integrative ARNP, a Seattle native and mother of 2 small children, trained in adult geriatric primary care. Most recently worked in Seattle for Providence Hospice. Also trained in herbal medicine, reflexology, healing touch, clinical aromatherapy, & mindfulness practices. A certified Fit4mom fitness instructor. Has a love & passion for yoga & alternative healing and an ongoing desire for achieving spiritual, physical, and mental balance. Loves to participate in outdoor adventures, including surfing, hiking, camping and back-country snowboarding. Has been a nurse for 12 years and an NP for 6 of those. She received all her nursing education in Honolulu, and practiced there for 9 years. Currently Pursuing Mindfulness Self-compassion based trainings.

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Don’t Eat Your Young
  • (00:25) – Lisa Dunlap
  • (01:20) – Lisa’s Backstory
  • (03:17) – Becoming the Patient
  • (10:27) – Passing It Forward
  • (12:05) – Experiences with Eating Your Young
  • (14:17) – Helping Avoid the Burnout
  • (19:17) – Tips for Nurses
  • (23:37) – Lisa’s Kits
  • (25:47) – Wrapping Up

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