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The Careerwise Nurse with Natalie D’Itri

Overcoming Burnout with Tessa Hayman

Tessa Hayman

Tessa Hayman is a RN in Canada that specialized in palliative care. It wasn’t until after she left bedside nursing that she was able to recover from the burnout she had been dealing with. After seeking help to deal with her burnout, she moved into the coaching space to help others in healthcare that are working through issues that are negatively impacting their lives.

Tessa is part of a larger group that held a Burnout Summit. She is a speaker that advocates for healthcare wellness. The discussion surrounding learned helplessness is fascinating and as she explains what that is and how it manifests, you will shake your head yes. We have all seen it and lived it. She describes it as being in prison with the door open.

As part of Keys of Prosperity, Tessa will help you regain a sense of wellbeing. Her fight to help frontline workers get to a better place in their lives will improve the overall culture of our profession.

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About Tessa

Tessa Hayman is a registered nurse, burnout recovery specialist and coach, who has supported thousands of clients to gain the knowledge, accountability and support need to recover from burnout. She helps and guides health professionals to clear anxiety and overwhelm, learn how to manage or eliminate stress, develop daily self-care practices and create habits that stick so abundance and prosperity flow throughout all areas of life.

Tessa is determined to help health professionals around the world to thrive in a career field that otherwise constantly conditions them to burn out and live in survival mode. She has been a guest speaker on numerous podcasts, summits and events, becoming an outspoken voice constantly advocating for the health and wellbeing of her colleagues and those in a health care profession.


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