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The Careerwise Nurse with Natalie D’Itri

Fighting to Improve Working Conditions with Rasheda Hatchett

Rasheda Hatchett

Rasheda Hatchett is a nursing leader making every effort to improve the working conditions of the organizations for which we work. Healthcare is a business, but nurses see it differently. We want to care for patients the best that we can, but it can conflict with the actions of the administrators that are removed from what that care entails. Rasheda works with administrators to help them understand how to take care of the healthcare workers that care for the consumers.

Many of us in nursing have worked in toxic environments. It can quickly lead to burnout and possibly poor outcomes for the patients we serve. Rasheda has studied the factors that contribute to negative work environments. What she brings to the table is a wealth of information to share in order to help us get a positive work unit, and hopefully a more satisfying career.

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About Rasheda

Rasheda is an award-winning nurse leader on a mission to help women thrive in the workplace and beyond. She is a Resilience strategist helping organizations build resilient teams that win through her signature programming The Power of Organizational Resilience. Rasheda is a best-selling author and experienced and engaging speaker.

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