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Stopping Health Care Violence with Sheila Wilson

Stopping Health Care Violence with Sheila Wilson

Fighting to Stop Violence in the Healthcare System

Sheila Wilson has been a nurse for decades, but is still out there advocating and supporting nurses. Have you been a victim of healthcare violence and didn’t get the support you needed? Sheila will talk about how to find resources and continues to fight to decrease the incidence of assault and battery of our bedside nurses.

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About Sheila

Sheila Wilson is a registered nurse who has served in both clinical and administrative management positions, as well as executive leadership roles, for over 30 years. As a clinician and in-patient care manager, she has worked tirelessly with HIV/AIDS, TB and substance abuse patients, as well as under-served populations in the Boston area. Ms. Wilson earned her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing at the University of Massachusetts and her MPH from the School of Public Health at Boston University.

I created Stop Health Care Violence in 2009 to bring more awareness to the plight of the Health Care Workers. In 2018 Stop Health Care Violence became a Non-Profit. The mission of our Non-Profit is to educate and inform the public on the alarming epidemic committed against healthcare personnel. We want to provide support and advocacy for victims and lobby for change.


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