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The Careerwise Nurse with Natalie D’Itri

Helping Nurses Heal Nurses with Traci Powell

Traci Powell is helping nurses heal.

Traci Powell is a PMHNP and is nationally certified in Trauma Care. She has known 3 colleagues that have completed suicide and is dedicated to helping others heal before they take their own lives. She says that professionals in medicine don’t usually reach out for help. Traci offers intense therapy in different states in the US, hoping to reach as many people as she can.

Traci has a Facebook group called Nurses Healing Nurses that is a dedicated space for nurses to share their stories and gain positive feedback from others who can understand what we are all going through in this profession. “Nursing is beyond burnout, it is PTSD”, says Traci, and many need the help that she is able to provide.

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About Traci

I’m a board certified psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner, Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist, writer, trauma education consultant and an unshakable force dedicated to helping you become the person you were always meant to be and unbecome what was never you in the first place.


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