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The Careerwise Nurse with Natalie D’Itri

Running Toward COVID and The Unknown with Ivette Palomeque

Ivette Palomeque is an experienced ICU nurse that does not back down from a challenge. She saw the need for her services in the busiest ICUs that had been hit by the pandemic. She took a travel assignment in NYC and worked during the height of the COVID-19 crisis and recounts what it was like being a healthcare worker at that time. She also talks about the teamwork that she saw all around her to care for patients that were constantly at the brink of death. The toll that this pandemic has taken on frontline nurses, as well as many other healthcare workers and first responders, is beyond belief and deserves recognition as well as support for these people.

Ivette speaks openly about her own vulnerabilities. She has also found a way to help those caregivers face the trauma and emotions that are now surfacing. Ivette created Frontline Life, a place for nurses and other frontline providers, to seek support and help with the issues that they may be facing because of the difficulties that they have endured. She is also educating others about what she has learned in her vast experience in caring and treating these patients. 

Ivette is a truly remarkable person. Listen to her story and heed her advice — if you need help, please don’t be afraid to ask for it. We are in this together.

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About Ivette Palomeque

From the hospitality industry to a Registered Nurse working in ICUs, Level 1 Trauma Centers, and COVID-19 units, Ivette Palomeque, BSN RN has a deep understanding of the trials nurses face on every front. After spending more than a decade in ICUs and over a year caring for patients in COVID-19 units, Ivette knows what helps prevent burnout in healthcare, keeps frontliners motivated, and drives nurses to be the most trusted professionals. She takes pride in helping nurses navigate the frontlines and founded Frontline Life Media and Frontline Life Healthcare Club as an exclusive support group and safe space for nurses to connect — nurse-to-nurse and human-to-human. She takes pride in providing nurses with resources and thrives on connecting nurses as human first and nurses second. 

Ivette has landed media coverage in print and broadcast outlets around the internationally including CNN (Espanol), CNBC, ABC and CBS. Sharing her experience as a frontline nurse during COVID-19, Palomeque also uses her nursing leadership experience to train nurse leaders and nurses on wellness, mental health, advocacy, and more. In addition to her extensive nursing experience, Ivette is fluent in both English and Spanish and has extensive experience in the hospitality industry which means she serves with a very strong commitment to stellar customer service.


  • (00:00) – Welcome to Don’t Eat Your Young •Ivette Polemeque
  • (00:53) – Moving Toward COVID
  • (02:57) – Her Experience & Reaction
  • (08:36) – The Toll
  • (12:50) – Improvements in Treatment?
  • (16:08) – Team Nursing
  • (17:16) – What She’s Up to Now
  • (24:48) – Last Advice
  • (25:52) – Wrapping Up

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