Nursing Beyond Grief with Patricia LaVallee

Tricia LaVallee has been a nurse for decades, most recently in hospice/home care. A life event when she was four years old has led her on the path to helping people deal with grief, loss and guilt. Hear her story about coming to terms with death at an early age and how she teaches others to overcome the debilitating effects of grief.

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When Tricia LaVallee was 4 years old, she learned about caring for her dying grandfather and what death meant. Since that time, she has wanted to help others heals as they deal with grief, loss and guilt. Many times, grief is the product of loss, but not just of a loved one; grief can come from job loss, changes in relationships, loss of a pet or guilt about someone else’s death. As nurses, we care for dying patients and their families, but don’t often take the time to grieve or heal from their loss.

Tricia took her talents and started a business called Beyond Grief. She is a coach for those that need help to get “unstuck” and to help them find joy in their lives. The one thing that Tricia believes that we should all do is love each other. Her genuine caring is what makes her a perfect coach if you are dealing with grief and loss. Reach out to her in the links below if you would like to connect.

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