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The Careerwise Nurse with Natalie D’Itri

Learning to Protect Yourself with Maggie Ortiz

Maggie Ortiz

In today’s episode, nurse advocate Maggie Ortiz joins your host Beth Quaas to talk about the challenges in our nursing system today. Why is it so frustratingly complicated and why does it seem to be working against the nurses in it? What can nurses do to protect themselves? How do they deal with liability? Do they need their own insurance? There’s a lot of information in today’s episode so make sure you tune in to this one!

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About Maggie

I have been a critical care nurse for 22 years. I started in the ICU, step down, telemetry moved to the ER and started doing local agency work which included Interventional Radiology to do procedural sedation and I enjoyed doing that type of work. From there I started working PACU and Pre-Op, Pre-Assessment testing nurse, surgery centers and once I moved to San Antonio Texas from Omaha received a security clearance and worked at Lackland Air Force Base in the Level I trauma center during the war and then moved over to Brook Army Center in the Level I Trauma Center ICU. Moved to Austin working pretty much all their hospitals to include their Level I ICU working in the float pool and again doing local agency. Helped open a free-standing ER and then soon took a job at the Texas Board of Nursing as an Investigator. Stayed for about 6 months couldn’t take the lack of due process being extended to nurses left went to the cath lab where I have worked primarily now for the last 8 years. I started doing some grassroots activist work while I finished my bachelors and went onto get my Master’s in leadership and Administration which I have opted never to use, and I’ve stayed at the bedside with my people.


  • (00:00) – Welcome to Don’t Eat Your Young •Maggie Ortiz
  • (01:27) – Maggie’s Background
  • (02:32) – Masters in Leadership
  • (03:11) – Board of Nursing
  • (05:01) – Treated Differently
  • (06:37) – Nurse Advocate
  • (09:00) – Scapegoats
  • (11:08) – Criminal Charges?
  • (14:40) – Nurses’ Liability
  • (16:38) – Case Examples
  • (19:24) – Protecting Yourself
  • (26:47) – Travel Nursing
  • (29:19) – Advocates for Nurses

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