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Don't Eat Your Young episode 308

Reducing Your Stress Through Calming Calligraphy with Angie Bailey

After struggling with the ever-shifting challenges of nursing during the pandemic, Angie Bailey realized she’d had enough. That’s when she retired from the profession and moved to a focus on the art of calligraphy. She found an incredible peace with it and now teaches it to help others find that sense of calm. 

Angie joins Beth in this episode to talk about her struggles in the nursing field and how this shift has led to a more positive, peaceful life for not just her but also for the people taking her classes.

About Angie

As a 33-year veteran RN, Angie understands the mounting stresses of working in a demanding and intense hospital environment. After struggling to practice meditation as a form of stress reduction, Angie rediscovered the therapeutic benefits of the art of calming calligraphy, a love from her childhood. Now it’s her mission to share this revelation with other nurses, healthcare workers, and hospital staff so they can enjoy the same relief she has obtained from this restorative practice.


  • (00:00) – Welcome to Don’t Eat Your Young • Angie Bailey
  • (00:53) – Angie’s Background
  • (13:17) – Calligraphy
  • (18:48) – Intention, Attention, Attitude
  • (19:55) – Calming Calligraphy Classes
  • (27:53) – Last Thoughts
  • (29:28) – Wrap Up

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