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Don't Eat Your Young episode 309

Historic MN Nurses Strike: How it Impacts Nurses and Patients with Chris Rubesch

Chris came into nursing as a second career. For seven years, he has worked with cardiac patients in a large hospital where he takes care of some of the sickest patients. In order to do his job well, Chris needs time with each patient, resources to assist him in that care, and a safe environment to do so. But as we’ve seen, staff to patient ratios are not aligned, and resources are diminishing. Violence in healthcare settings is at an all time high.

Early on in his nursing career, Chris got involved. He quickly realized the impact he could make by advocating for nurses so started working with the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA). Through that work, he helps lead the historic strike that involves 22,000 nurses in Minnesota. Determined to fight for safe staffing levels, safer work environments, and benefits that will keep nurses at the bedside, Chris is part of a movement that will shape our profession.


  • (00:00) – Welcome to Don’t Eat Your Young •Chris Rubesch and the Historic MN Nurses Strike

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