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Don't Eat Your Young episode 310

You are Worth It! with Tammy Ward

From Caring for Patients to Caring for Caregivers

Tammy Ward has been in healthcare for 23 years. She moved from bedside nursing to becoming a CRNA. Throughout that process, she has realized that she has more to give. Her love for taking care of patients has moved out of the hospital setting to one of caring for the caregivers. She works with clients on a more personal basis, teaching them to put themselves first. Tammy wants others to succeed just as she has and helps others find what works for them to live their healthiest lives, both physically and mentally.

About Tammy

I am here to inspire and empower clients to prioritize themselves, let go of limiting beliefs and build their best life! I am a nurse anesthetist and have been working in health care for 23 years. My coaching journey stemmed from the love of caring for others. With the burnout in health care, I experienced the importance and necessity of daily self-care practices. Being coached myself helped me prioritize my personal needs and desires for my life. As I dove deeper into self care, it inspired me to become a certified health & life coach and create my own business, Elite Health & Life Coaching. Coaching has given me the opportunity to help people who are looking for change and transformation in their own lives. If you don’t know where to start, look no further! Through coaching I help women and men prioritize themselves, reduce stress, increase energy and shed excess weight. I will help guide you to an empowered position of self love, positive body image and maintain sustainable weight loss goals. 


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