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Don't Eat Your Young episode 311

Learning Like a Renegade with Antra Boyd and Karen DiMarco

Antra Boyd met Karen DiMarco when Karen was teaching nurses how to work and advocate for our patients by thinking outside the box. Through that chance meeting, they formed a company called RNegade. They are changing the way that nurses and others learn and make it fun and informative. RNegade offers continuing education credit by listening to podcasts with guests from various backgrounds and experiences, but all knowledgeable in the content they are speaking on. No more boring grind to get CE credit, but learning on the go that is fast and simple. 

Antra and Karen are also expanding to offer more content to nurses. They are looking for content creators to bring even more information. If you feel you have something to share, check out their link and learn more about it. We all benefit when we share our knowledge

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  • (00:00) – Welcome to Don’t Eat Your Young •Antra Boyd & Karen DiMarco

Stories from the Incredible World of Nursing.

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