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Don't Eat Your Young episode 318

Professional Development for Nurses with Rachael Murray

Neonatal nurse practitioner Rachel Murray joins your host Beth Quaas to talk about her shift from nursing to also start working as a professional development trainer. She studied at Dale Carnegie Training, which gave her a unique perspective on how to train others. The program fanned her passion to educate people. She and Beth discuss her training methods she’s learned and how these training methods could (and should!) be used in training nurses as well as administrators. 


Rachael has been a Registered Nurse since 2004 and, subsequently, a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner since 2011. As a clinician, she was frequently responsible for mentoring and training new staff and quickly realized she loved it! This lead her to pursue a second career in professional development training in 2014 through Dale Carnegie Training, in which she worked with individuals and teams from a variety of industries and eventually became certified as a Master Trainer responsible for developing and certifying prospective trainers. In 2020, she decided to combine her two passions of nursing and training when she started Elevate Nurses LLC, a business dedicated to providing quality training to Registered Nurses. Rachael has served as Chair of her organization’s Professional Practice Council, President of the San Diego Chapter of the Association of California Nurse Leaders (ACNL), co-chair of the state-level ACNL Communications and Voice committee, as well as lead of several sub-committees for the San Diego Chapter. Rachael was born and raised in Wisconsin but has been escaping the cold in SoCal for almost a decade. 


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