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Lois Hollis: A True Pioneer and Trailblazer

Casie Lamp: An ICU Nurse in the Midst of a Pandemic

Casie Lamp has been a nurse for 20 years, serving in the Army, before working in the civilian world. Casie is seeing firsthand, the toll that our current healthcare crisis is taking on our nurses. After going through her own burnout 5 years ago, which was revealed while she was completing a CE article on burnout, she learned to heal herself. Casie realized that she wanted to help other nurses prevent the same fate, so she started to coach nurses. 

The stress of the job makes some nurses feel like they are doing enough for their patients. They feel guilt when they leave their coworkers at the end of the shift, or worse, when they don’t pick up an extra shift on their day off. Casie has seen both lateral violence among nurses, and at the same time, a larger sense of teamwork. 

About Casie Lamp
“I work to empower extraordinary nurses and healthcare workers to experience shifts where they are free of guilt and have less stress and overwhelm. After spending the past 19 years working at the bedside, I understand the importance of work-life balance, feeling under appreciated, and the need for camaraderie. Not only am a certified critical care nurse and an Aroma Freedom Practitioner, I served in the US Army for 9 years as a lab technician and a nurse. I am an Integrative Nurse Coach, have my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and currently live in the Seattle, Washington area.”

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Links & Notes

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Don’t Eat Your Young
  • (00:27) – Casie Lamp
  • (01:02) – Casie’s Backstory
  • (01:48) – Dealing With COVID
  • (04:32) – Dealing With Her Own Stress
  • (05:04) – Extra Shifts
  • (06:42) – Eating Their Young
  • (09:08) – Working With Newer Nurses
  • (11:12) – Are Nurses Getting Training They Need?
  • (12:37) – Moving Into Coaching
  • (13:45) – Signs of Burnout
  • (15:22) – Coaching
  • (17:40) – Where to Find Casie
  • (18:16) – Final Tips
  • (20:00) – Wrapping Up

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