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Lois Hollis: A True Pioneer and Trailblazer

Christina Dunbar: Forging Nursing Leaders

Christina Dunbar started her nursing career in the pediatric ICU and worked in several other areas before going back to school for her FNP and finding her place in adult oncology. After some time in the clinical world, she saw an opportunity and took a management position leading a team in oncology. This was a challenging position and she found herself burning out. We discuss the need for more support for nurses in those management roles where they are between the team that they lead, and their needs, all while trying to manage within the confines of a healthcare system that is trying to keep a business running. She made a decision to put herself first and chose to leave that leadership role and focus on intentional living and spending more time with her family.

Out of her own burnout, Christina started with daily journaling and taking 10 minutes to practice mindfulness. This eventually led her start a podcast called Intentional Ten: Intentional Living with Christina Dunbar, which she calls her passion project. Her business focuses on setting intentions, and taking time out of each day to care for yourself and set goals that work for you. Starting in January 2021, Christina will be offering a monthlong challenge that will include daily podcasts and intention setting. Visit her website for more information about her January offering.

Intentional Ten is a guide to health, wellness, and balance through habits of mindfulness and intentional living led by Christina Dunbar (a busy wife and mom just trying to be a little more intentional). Get ten-minute inspiration on the podcast, find tips on the blog, and download your free journal to join the Intentional Journey! You can register for the January Intentional Living Challenge: One Month of Journaling, Mindfulness, and More at Use code DONTEATYOURYOUNG for 10% off your ticket. Register by December 31st!

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About Christina Dunbar
Christina is a wife, mom of three, plant-based food enthusiast, and yoga teacher! Inspired to change her lifestyle after a stress-induced illness, she slowed down and redesigned her life to improve her mental and physical health. She created the Intentional Ten Podcast, Blog, and Journal to share these life-changing habits with others, focusing on Mindfulness, Gratitude, and Intentional Living. When she’s not recording episodes or writing posts, Christina enjoys a hot cup of coffee, sitting outside in the rain, and dance parties with her kids. 

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Don’t Eat Your Young • Christina Dunbar
  • (01:17) – Christina’s Backstory
  • (03:42) – Surviving Burnout
  • (08:31) – Trapped in the Middle
  • (12:41) – More Nurses in the C-Suites
  • (15:24) – The Feel of What You Don’t Have When You Need It
  • (17:06) – Talking the Talk
  • (18:24) – Understanding the Costs
  • (22:37) – Better Middle Mgmt Support
  • (24:38) – Succession Planning
  • (27:28) – Moving Into Coaching
  • (34:59) – Get Off Your Floor On Your Break
  • (35:34) – Where to Find Christina
  • (36:15) – Final Tips
  • (37:40) – Wrapping Up

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