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Lois Hollis: A True Pioneer and Trailblazer

Lois Hollis: A True Pioneer and Trailblazer

Lois Hollis has been in nursing for over five decades and has moved our profession in the right direction. She has been a forward-thinking leader and took on new challenges in order to promote and push the scope of practice of nurses to a higher level. We all stand on the shoulders of nurses like Lois.

Lois’ abuse in her younger years led her to help herself and others. The pain that she endured as an adult was attributed to her past struggles and she made a decision to heal herself. She was able to overcome the guilt and shame that had followed her for so many years. Since that time, she now uses her gifts to help others heal as well.

With her extensive experience in caring for others and healing from shame and guilt, Lois has authored 3 books and produced a short film that will premiere in January of 2021.

About Lois Hollis
Lois Hollis was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1943. She earned her RN from St. Joseph Hospital and achieved her BSN from the University of Pennsylvania. For 30 years, she gained experience as a nurse in open-heart surgery, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, and nephrology where she helped establish one of the first kidney hemodialysis units in the USA at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.
Today Lois uses her own healing journey from an abusive childhood of broken bones and emotional pain to shift our opinion on one of the most taboo subjects… shame and guilt. For the past 15 years, she has been sharing new information about shame and guilt that helps us release these obstacles and live our greatness.

Emotional and physical pain was Lois’ life until she uncovered shame. She came to learn that the solution to her anger, depression, 30 yrs of migraines, rage, fears, pain, etc. was in recognizing and releasing shame. Lois, as a trailblazer, created a way to health that she shares with us today.

Lois is the author of three books and a short film. Her newest book, “Now is The Time”, contains her Light Language readings that enhance our spiritual growth by dissolving resistant mental/emotional patterns. Her latest film, “I’M Good”, exposing shame and guilt, will be produced in January 2021.

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Links & Notes

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Don’t Eat Your Young
  • (00:12) – Lois Hollis
  • (00:51) – Lois’ Journey
  • (10:58) – Bullying in Nursing and Burnout
  • (16:43) – Getting Rid of Shame-Guilt: First, Know What It Is
  • (20:54) – Time for the Process
  • (23:41) – Two, How Do I Not Take Any More Shame-Guilt In My Life?
  • (25:21) – Three, Don’t Accept Any Shame-Guilt
  • (30:36) – Lois’ Books
  • (34:37) – Where to Find Her
  • (36:04) – One Last Piece of Advice
  • (39:22) – Wrapping Up

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