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The Careerwise Nurse with Natalie D’Itri

Frontline Work in a Covid ICU – A Real-Life Story with Kelley Anaas

Kelley Anaas worked as an intern when she was a nursing student which helped her land a job on a med/surg floor. After 6 years she decided she was ready for a change and moved into the ICU. She spent a lot of time training for that job, but it still didn’t prepare for the Covid crisis that hit in March, 2020.

Kelley takes us through her experiences as an ICU RN in a Covid unit and the transformation that took place during that time. On top of her regular nursing duties caring for extremely ill patients and their families, her and her colleagues took on extra roles such as stocking supplies, cleaning the rooms and becoming the telecommunication specialists between the patients in the hospital and their loved ones on the outside. Despite all of the added work, stress and exhaustion, Kelley and her team continued to show up to care for our loved ones.

We will hear what nurses have gone through and the lasting effects that this time has had on both their mental and physical health. Kelley wants to encourage nurses to seek out help if they need it and to also give support to nurses and other teammates that might be struggling. A big thank you to all of our nurses and every person out there working in hospitals taking care of the patients through this difficult time.

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  • (00:00) – Welcome to Don’t Eat Your Young
  • (00:24) – Kelley Anaas
  • (01:23) – Kelley’s Back Story
  • (02:09) – Going Right Into ICU
  • (07:00) – Working Through COVID
  • (12:56) – The Toll the Pandemic Took
  • (15:06) – How Is It Going Now?
  • (17:00) – Staff Size
  • (19:20) – Learning Opportunity for New Nurses
  • (20:24) – ICU Orientation
  • (21:57) – The Future of Nursing
  • (24:11) – Advice for Nurses
  • (26:27) – Wrapping Up

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