Beth Quaas

Don't Eat Your Young episode 318

Professional Development for Nurses with Rachael Murray

February 28, 2023

Neonatal nurse practitioner Rachel Murray joins your host Beth Quaas to talk about her shift from nursing to also start working as a professional development trainer. She studied at Dale Carnegie Training, which gave her a unique perspective on how to train others. The program fanned her passion to educate people. She and Beth discuss…

Don't Eat Your Young episode 317

Moving Beyond Toxic Workplaces with Allison Twede

February 14, 2023

Beth talks with Allison Twede about her journey through nursing – from toxic workplace environments to admin positions to finally finding her calling to help other nurses heal.

Don't Eat Your Young episode 316

From Nursing at Sea to Dogs with Diabetes – a Conversation with Denise Gruzensky

January 31, 2023

From nursing on a cruise ship to online consulting with her patients, to writing a children’s book to let children with diabetes know that dogs can get diabetes too, Denise Gruzensky has been on quite a voyage through her life. She joins Beth in today’s e

Don't Eat Your Young episode 315

Living the NursePreneur Life with Catie Harris

January 17, 2023

With the launch of NursePreneurs, Catie Harris created a mentorship program that empowers nurses to monetize their knowledge, develop business skills, and help healthcare delivery evolve. Join us today as Catie talks about her program and her journey to s

Don't Eat Your Young episode 314

Expanding Your Creativity with Rachel Dick

January 3, 2023

Rachel Dick joins Beth to talk about her coaching and workshops to help nurses express themselves creatively, process their trauma through writing, and to not be afraid to let their voices be heard.

Don't Eat Your Young episode 313

Life in the OR with Sonya Spruill

December 20, 2022

Join us today as Sonya Spruill shares her journey into nursing and the OR, and how she now works to help onboard and provide orientation for many new nurses.

Don't Eat Your Young episode 312

Holistic Well-Being with Liz Burkholder

November 22, 2022

Liz Burkholder joins Beth to talk about holistic well-being and how to take care of yourself through deconstructive transformation.

Don't Eat Your Young episode 311

Learning Like a Renegade with Antra Boyd and Karen DiMarco

November 8, 2022

Out of a need, came a solution. Antra Boyd and Karen DiMarco are problem solvers and they have delivered by making those dreaded CE credits fun and easy. Listen in to hear about what they have done for nurses and what they are working on to bring us in th

Don't Eat Your Young episode 310

You are Worth It! with Tammy Ward

October 25, 2022

Have you wanted to improve your physical and mental health but don’t know where to start? Tammy Ward has the answers. Join us today as Tammy talks about her own personal health journey and how she is now helping others to get started.

Don't Eat Your Young episode 309

Historic MN Nurses Strike: How it Impacts Nurses and Patients with Chris Rubesch

October 4, 2022

What is the historic nurses strike all about in MN? Beth speaks with Chris Rubesch, one of the leaders of this movement, about the issues and what it means to fight for what is right.