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Mobilizing a New Force for GOOD with Peter Lupoff and Max Schorr

In social impact partnerships, we often talk about ‘unlikely bedfellows ’—partners with whom you may not expect to collaborate but whose collective impact is transformational. The alliance between GOOD Worldwide Inc and Net Impact, however, just makes sense: These two powerhouse organizations have long rallied and amplified some of the most important figures and voices in social impact. Now, they’ve come together with Upworthy to create the GOOD Institute, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to address social issues, drive social action, and reimagine the possibilities of our shared future. 

To share more about this new endeavor, we welcomed to the show Peter Lupoff, CEO at Net Impact and GOOD Institute, and Max Schorr, Co-founder, and CEO at GOOD Worldwide Inc. Listen for Peter and Max’s insights on: 

  • How this groundbreaking alliance came together, and the unique strengths each organization brings to the Institute—from Net Impact’s 160,000+ members to Upworthy’s growing digital audience. 
  • Why collaboration and ‘think tank’ style hubs are critical to solving some of the world’s most challenging social issues in innovative and inspiring ways. 
  • How GOOD Institute is bringing together next-gen talent, global policy leaders, and some of the world’s most iconic companies to drive change. 

Links & Notes

  • 00:00 – Welcome to Purpose 360
  • 03:29 – Peter’s Backstory
  • 05:05 – Max’s Backstory
  • 07:35 – Net Impact
  • 09:30 – Good Worldwide
  • 13:04 – Building the Alliance
  • 16:26 – What They Do
  • 17:39 – Specifics
  • 20:44 – Partners
  • 21:41 – Research Directions
  • 24:09 – Past Case Studies
  • 27:23 – Measurement
  • 32:41 – Long Term Visions
  • 35:06 – Key Business Insights
  • 39:37 – Social Media
  • 40:21 – Last Thoughts

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Business is an unlikely hero: a force for good working to solve society's most pressing challenges, while boosting bottom line. This is social purpose at work. And it's a dynamic journey.

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