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2019-10-05 • Saturday Matinée

Episode Hosts:

According to Scorsese, a tomato does not equal cinema. Spielberg partners with the upcoming streaming service Quibi with a new property you can only watch at night. Throwing money at Jason Bourne with a spin-off TV series and a new film. Free Guy is coming.

Movies that take place in a single location!

Steve’s List

  1. Buried
  2. Exam
  3. Clue

Pete’s List

  1. Free Fire
  2. Deathtrap
  3. Cube
  • 00:00 – 2019-10-05 – Saturday Matinée
  • 00:40 – Clue: The Boardgame: The Musical, and other stage productions that aspire to it
  • 07:22 – 🍅 ≠ 🎥
  • 12:16 – “Quibi” rhymes with “Ribeye”, but only at night
  • 17:29 – Jason Bourne won’t remember all the money they’re throwing at him
  • 20:15 – ‘Free Guy’
  • 23:14 – Let’s Do Trailers
  • 30:59 – The List: Single-location movies
  • 44:04 – Coming Attractions

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