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EP 80 – Questioning Picard

Picard, the new Star Trek show is about to launch and we’ve got questions! Matt Carroll, of the MCU and Star Trek Universe Podcasts joins Matthew to discuss the ethical questions we think Picard will explore. Has Data’s fear of a race of slave androids come to pass? Are the Borg still the enemy? What questions will the Borg and the Androids raise about who is a person? What has decades of  war and the threat of war done to the Federation, and will this show feel more like the Star Trek than many think the Abrams Trek and Discovery do?
Matthew Carroll is a podcaster and musician, whose Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast helped launch a wide range of genre media casts, all of which will be part of soon to be launched Stranded Panda Podcast Network.  His other podcasts include the Star Trek Universe Podcast, the Orville Universe Podcast, and Who Watched the Watchmen, all of which can be found on Itunes, Stitcher, or wherever you find podcasts. 
To follow the creation of Matthew Carroll’s star trek double album check him out on The Star Trek Universe Podcast and the Matthew Carroll podcast. He’ll be releasing episodes about each song as they’re being written.
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