The Next Reel • Season 11 • Series: Couples on the Run • Member Bonus Episode • Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart • Member Bonus

March 31, 2022

It’s our March member bonus episode! We return to our ‘Couples on the Run’ series from 2013 with David Lynch’s 1990 Palm D’Or winner ‘Wild at Heart.’ Is it too much Lynch craziness or just enough? Are Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern too over the top? Do they even come near the craziness of Diane Ladd? We dig in and may not agree but have a great conversation about it so tune in!

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Retake: John Heard

Retake: John Heard

March 13, 2022

We covered five films in our John Heard series, the first of which was also a part of our previous Journalists series. We included every film John Heard performed in that was directed by a woman. What did we think of the five films? Tune in to find out!

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The Next Reel • Season 11 • Series: John Heard • Awakenings


March 3, 2022

We continue exploring the films of John Heard with our current series. In this episode, we look at the second of two films he did directed by Penny Marshall. He’s a supporting character and delivers well opposite Robert De Niro and Robin Williams. It’s the 1990 film ‘Awakenings’ based on Dr. Oliver Sacks’ 1973 book. Tune in!

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Retake: Ann Hui

January 23, 2022

Our series looking at four films from writer/director Ann Hui has come to an end. We’ve watched and discussed ‘A Simple Life,’ ‘Song of the Exile,’ ‘Our Time Will Come,’ and ‘Boat People.’ What did we think of the films? Are we connecting with Hui as a storyteller? Tune in for our Retake episode looking back at this series as a whole.

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The Next Reel • Season 11 • Series: Holiday • Member Bonus • Jacob's Ladder d: Adrian Lyne (1990)

Jacob’s Ladder • Member Bonus

December 31, 2021

What a holiday treat! Andy & Pete have this special bonus episode to give to you, our dear members, as a holiday bonus episode, on top of our December member bonus! What givers! So tune in to this episode about Adrian Lyne’s 1990 psychological horror film ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ and enjoy! And happy holidays from all of us.

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The Next Reel • Season 11 • Series: Ann Hui • Song of the Exile (1990)

Song of the Exile

December 23, 2021

We continue exploring the films of Hong Kong filmmaker Ann Hui with her 1990 film ‘Song of the Exile’ starring Maggie Cheung and Lu Hsiao-fen. It’s a mother/daughter story that explores family history, family secrets, and finding connections, but does it work for us? Tune in to this episode to find out!

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The Russia House • Member Bonus

November 20, 2020

How do Michelle Pfeiffer and the late Sean Connery do in this film? Is the Le Carré spy stuff too complicated? Who do those Russian locations look so… real? Tune in to this show and get answers to these questions and more!

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Europa Europa

April 23, 2020

When Agnieszka Holland was given early pages from Solomon Perel’s unfinished memoirs about surviving the Holocaust, she was immediately taken by it. The fact that it was about a young Jewish boy who stayed alive by hiding out as one of the Hitler Youth among other things was fascinating to her, but it was his lack of embellishing and complete honesty that drew her in.

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Rocky V

February 21, 2019

Sylvester Stallone returned to his beloved Rocky series in 1990, fully intending to close it out with a story as powerful as the first one. He even got John G. Avildsen back to direct it. Unfortunately, the film was a weaker film, one that didn’t find much love from critics or audiences.

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Die Hard 2

January 4, 2018

Joel Silver was never a producer to shy away from giving the audience more of what they wanted. For the sequel to his 1988 action hit Die Hard, he tapped into director Renny Harlin and together, they pushed for more action, more humor, more stunts and… more of everything else the audiences got in the first film. But does that make a good sequel? Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we continue our Die Hard series with Harlin’s 1990 film Die Hard 2

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