The Next Reel • Season 12 • Series: Pitch Perfect Trilogy • Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

September 22, 2022

We aca-kick off our a cappella love with the Treblemakers, the Bellas, and more as we start our Pitch Perfect trilogy series with Jason Moore’s 2012 film PITCH PERFECT. So much singing and we’re 100% here for it.

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Your Sister's Sister (2012) lobby card • directed by Lynn Shelton and starring Mark Duplass, Emily Blunt, and Rosemary DeWitt

Your Sister’s Sister

May 27, 2021

How great are Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass, and Rosemary DeWitt in their roles? Does Lynn Shelton amp up her comedy and drama in this film or does it just create characters with problems we can’t identify with? And how gorgeous is the Pacific Northwest? Tune in to this week’s show – the second in our Lynn Shelton series – to get answers to these questions and more!

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Underworld: Awakening

December 24, 2020

How well does Kate Beckinsale do in this return to the role of Selene? Does the new shift in story make sense and does it progress it in new and exciting ways? Do the problems overwhelm it or are we still able to have fun and enjoy it for what it is? Tune in to this week’s show to get answers to these questions and more!

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October 1, 2020

Does this film provoke in the ways that other Michael Haneke films do? Who’s the better actor – Jean-Louis Trintignant or Emmanuelle Riva? Does this film immediately fall into the camp of ‘films to watch just once’ because of its subject matter? Tune in to this week’s show to get answers to these questions and more!

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The History of Future Folk

June 20, 2017

This month, Steve digs through the archives to revisit The History of Future Folk, a quirky indie that punches well above its weight. Yes, it’s a musical comedy about banjo-playing aliens. Yes, it’s the fictional backstory of a comic duo you’ve likely never heard of. But in all the indsiderness of Future Folk, there’s a delightful amount of heart that is so much more gratifying because my expectations were low going into it. Most gratifying? After re-watching the film, it just gets better.

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May 11, 2017

Watching how advertising affected the Chilean dictatorship of Pinochet and brought about his downfall in the late 80s in Pablo Larraín’s film No, it’s clear that those behind the ads just might understand our decision-making process better than we do… and it’s downright frightening.

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Silver Linings Playbook — Harry Gregson-Williams

May 9, 2017

This month in the Speakeasy, film composer Harry Gregson-Williams (The Martian, The Zookeeper’s Wife) joins us to talk about one of his favorite films, David O. Russell’s 2012 film Silver Linings Playbook.

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June 23, 2016

Stop-motion animation has been a part of film since nearly the beginning, starting with a toy circus coming to life in 1898’s “The Humpty Dumpty Circus.” Since then, it’s undergone many critical changes and improvements as filmmakers have experimented with what they could do with it, and in 2012, Laika released the first stop-motion animated feature film to use a 3D color printer to create the character faces. The movie, “ParaNorman,” was a comedy horror for kids and certainly seemed to find its audience while also creating quite a bit of controversy.

Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we start off our brief vacation challenge series with Chris Butler’s and Sam Bell’s horror comedy for the kids, “ParaNorman.”

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February 16, 2016

The three family action films, Legend of the Guardians, Rise of the Guardians, and Guardians of the Galaxy, aren’t just for kids. These movies give parents the opportunity to discuss the difference between heroes and guardians and how even the most ordinary can make a difference for someone else.

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April 11, 2014

When making found footage style films, it’s important to stick with the conceit — someone is holding the camera and filming events as they happen, then we someone later stumble upon the footage and watch it to understand what happened. What’s great about Josh Trank’s 2012 debut film ‘Chronicle’ is that he takes that conceit and finds ways to use it to his advantage while also exploring ways to break out of the conceit with multiple cameras and camera movement. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we continue our found footage series with this great superhero film.

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