Andrew Sinkov

Hillariawesome* — Guest Chris Skaggs from Soma Games

July 23, 2010

This week on the show, Chris Skaggs, founder of Soma Games and Code Monkeys joins us to talk the App Economy, mobile, and building a brand one app at a time. Our Evernote friend Andrew Sinkov joins us to recap big changes that hit the platform last week.

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Who needs real news? — Guest Andrew Sinkov from Evernote

May 7, 2010

Our guest on the show this week is Andrew Sinkov, VP of marketing for Evernote. The company is part of a movement redefining the nature of marketing leadership bubbling up from land of start-ups, and Sinkov shares his thoughts on community engagement, product development, and how to build a customer base of 3 million users without buying a single lead.

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