Balaji Ganapathy

Purpose 360: Live at the CECP Summit 2022

Stepping Into the CECP Summit

July 19, 2022

Join Carol in this special episode as she heads to the CECP Summit where she reconnects with purpose leaders from Tata Consultancy Services and Blackbaud to explore what they learned during the past two years.

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Building Equitable Futures with TCS

June 22, 2021

To talk about how TCS put its employees, communities, and customers first throughout the pandemic, we welcomed back to the show Balaji Ganapathy, Chief Social Responsibility Officer at TCS.

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TCS’s Balaji Ganapathy on Harnessing Purpose, People, and Technology

May 19, 2020

Balaji Ganapathy, Global Head of CSR and Chief Social Responsibility Officer for TCS, joined Purpose 360 to talk about TCS’s legacy as a purpose-driven enterprise, and how the company is reinventing the role of businesses to serve and support society.

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