Brooke Unverferth

IM2026: A Cornucopia of Ring Reactions

April 19, 2021

Welcome to Kyle’s least favorite minute. Tony’s stoking the fires of jealousy, Happy’s a dork in the ring, and Natalie rings his bell with a Hurricanrana courtesy of one of our favorite Moneymakers! Don’t worry, Rob and guest Brooke make able work of defending Happy’s ringmaster in the eyes of her employer. Plus, so much talk of the immortal TKO, and we make our transition to Monaco!

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IM2025: No One Speaks Latin

April 16, 2021

We’re still in the gym and what’s that we’re smelling? Seems there’s just a hint of sexism in the air. But we’ll also talk tech, as we look at Pepper’s top of the line phone and the future tech of Tony’s smart table. Not enough? What about a detailed look at Natalie’s resume?

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IM2024: The Blunt Truth About Black Widow

April 15, 2021

Welcome ScarJo! This episode has got it all: Kung Fu, the history of boxing equipment, Rob Reiner’s worst movie, and the first MCU appearance of Black Widow. You want more? How about two righteous musical recommendations. It’s quite a jam packed minute!

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