The Ethics of Thirst

June 2, 2021

Ashley Coffin joins us for a discussion on the ethics of thirst in fandom.

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The Ethics of FATWS • E5

April 17, 2021

This week Paul, Will, and myself dive into ethical questions raised by Falcon & the Winter Soldier, episode 5. Here are the links we mentioned Places to see discussion of disability, ableism, and Bucky losing his arm: FreddiesRoomate Tiktok:

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The Ethics of FATWS • E4

April 11, 2021

Would you take the Super Soldier Serum? Is Walker a murderer? Is Karli? Will Freeland joins Paul & Matthew again to talk about ethical questions from Episode 4 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Will Freeland is a Pod Cast Host and Marvel Nerd. Located in Southern California, he is the co host of the…

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The Ethics of FATWS • E3

April 3, 2021

We examine ethical questions from Falcon and the Winter Soldier, episode 3, with guest Will Freeland. Will Freeland is the co-host of the Hype is My Superpower podcast. You can find it on most podcast apps, and join their facebook community at

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Avengers Accountability

August 1, 2020

Who should Tony Stark answer to for Ultron? What about Scarlet Witch, for the events in Nigeria? Who should the Avengers be accountable to, and were the Sokovia accords reasonable? Paul and I discuss issues of accountability across many of the Avenger movies and wrestle with the age old question- Team Tony, or Team Cap. 

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