Carol Cone

Making flying matter with Alaska Airlines’ Kirk Myers

March 5, 2019

To Alaska Airlines, sustainability is more than an environmental or financial decision. Even as more airlines invest in fuel efficient fleets, cut in-flight waste, and adopt “green” biofuels, Alaska Airlines stands out for its commitment to sustainability.

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Finding an organic purpose with Gary Hirshberg

February 26, 2019

Stonyfield Organic started with seven cows. Today, it’s one of the nation’s leading yogurt brands. Co-founder Gary Hirshberg shares how a steadfast commitment to values and social activism helped the brand—and its cows and farmers—thrive.

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Revisiting the purpose journey

February 19, 2019

Purpose 360 is about inspiring and empowering the purpose leaders of today and tomorrow. More than that, we’re committed to giving listeners actionable insights they can apply day-to-day along their purpose journey, and that of their organizations. In this episode, Carol and Chris highlight some of their favorite insights and anecdotes from our first ten episodes.

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Panera puts purpose where its mouth is

February 16, 2019

While at Panera, Jonathan Yohannan ran major decisions by his 10-year-old daughter. Why? He wanted to make sure the company was doing right by its customers. This kind of thinking helped Yohannan navigate challenges on Panera’s path to an “all clean” menu. All in pursuit of a clear purpose: Food as it should be.

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How a clamshell launched McDonald’s purpose journey

February 5, 2019

McDonald’s serves 70 million people every day, worldwide. As one of the world’s most visible brands, McDonald’s has both an obligation and opportunity to create meaningful connections with those 70 million people and their local and global communities. Today, the company has a focused purpose to use its “scale for good.”

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How LIXIL’s SATO Toilet Helped Unite a $17 Billion Company

January 29, 2019

Present in nearly a billion households worldwide, LIXIL’s brands are united by a simple purpose: to make a better home a reality for everyone. Behind that simple purpose is a focused, integrated, and ambitious approach that has unearthed new business opportunities and powered LIXIL’s journey to improve 100 million lives.

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Growing a transparent and authentic social purpose with ScottsMiracle-Gro

January 22, 2019

As a company for gardeners, ScottsMiracle-Gro has a succinct purpose: “helping people express themselves on their own piece of the Earth.” Cultivating a thriving garden takes care, commitment, and flexibility to adapt as conditions change. With that, creativity – and expression – can blossom.

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Thinking Like a Toddler with Paul Lindley

January 15, 2019

The Ella’s Kitchen founder and life-long advocate shares his insights on creating companies built for sustainable impact.

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‘Tis the Season for Purpose

December 27, 2018

Happy New Year from Carol, Chris, and the whole team at Purpose 360. We wish you a peaceful — and purposeful — 2019!

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Life’s Good: Aligning with an Authentic Issue

December 18, 2018

Mike Pepperman, Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Relations shares how LG identified its social purpose, aligned with a relevant and authentic social issue, and developed its Experience Happiness initiative.

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