Carrie Fox

Food for All with Jackie DeCarlo

February 22, 2021

Jackie DeCarlo’s leadership is a model of adaptability. The COVID-19 crisis called on skills beyond those of daily operations. This week on the show, she joins us from the Manna Food Center administrative offices in Silver Spring, Maryland, to share the leadership lessons that helped her continue to press the organization forward.

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From Real-Time to Future Focus: A Conversation with Futurist Eric Meade

February 15, 2021

Eric Meade is an award-winning author of two books (Reframing Poverty and Whole Mind Facilitation) and a nationally recognized facilitator who “stands outside of time” to help groups see their current issues in a longer-term perspective. This week, we reflect on history, how living in this time feels, and we touch on how the past can help prepare us for the future.

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The Reinvention of Higher Education with Dr. Robert Kelly

February 8, 2021

Dr. Robert Kelly serves as Vice President and Special Assistant to the President at Loyola University Maryland. As we catch up with Rob, he’s doing the deep work of reintroducing students to campus. He does so under the shadow of a pandemic and the baggage higher education carries with it from the last twenty years.

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Causes Pressing Forward with Carol Cone

February 1, 2021

Carol Cone is an incredibly generous person. To hear her talk about what she does from day to day, she says her super power is connecting people, but that minimizes her story by a country mile. Here’s a woman who stands atop a bold mission. Welcome to Season 2 of Mission Forward.

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Welcome to Mission Forward Season 2

January 18, 2021

This season, we’re inviting you to join us for a series of conversations to get us thinking, and keep us moving —together. We’ve got a great line up of folks; from an ultra-endurance athlete to a futurist, a culture expert, authors, and social entrepreneurs — all of whom have been challenging business as usual, using creative strategies to press forward even as industries, priorities, and the world changes.

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Business Beyond Business: At Home at the Washington Business Journal with Publisher Alex Orfinger

December 15, 2020

For over two decades as publisher, Alex Orfinger worked to develop a strong identity for the region’s business sector. After a brief stint away, he is now back at the publication as Market President and Publisher, leading the paper and doubling down on the city that he loves. In the face of great local and national challenges alike, he sees a role for the Journal.

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The Economics of Inequity with Karen Wawrzaszek

November 30, 2020

This week, before we can dismantle inequality in financial systems, we must understand our roles in these systems. Karen Wawrzaszek is here to help us unpack the complexity of these systems.

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Empathy as a Force-Multiplier with Ryan Pintado-Vertner

November 23, 2020

This week’s show goes straight to the heart of the dynamics in entrenched business processes that serve to stifle innovation through diversity and limit opportunities for marginalized communities. The opportunity, says our guest, lies in demography.

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Modeling Conversations about Race with Carolyn Lowery

November 16, 2020

Carolyn Lowery sat down with Carrie Fox earlier this year to discuss race in the workplace as part of our virtual community conversation series. The goal was to model a conversation on race and racism to show that while these conversations may be challenging, they don’t have to be intimidating.

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Decolonizing Wealth in Big Philanthropy with Edgar Villanueva

November 9, 2020

Edgar Villanueva didn’t plan on starting a movement. If it wasn’t for his boss telling him that he was getting “too big for his britches,” he’d likely still be knee-deep in big philanthropy. Instead of leaving, however, he was spurred on to write his book Decolonizing Wealth. On this week’s show, we talk about the problems he saw in philanthropy, how his take on the industry set a fire under people longing for change, and how to continue having authentic conversations with love.

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