Thor: Love and Thunder Thoughts

July 19, 2022

Andy Nelson, of the Next Reel and Marvel Movie Minute joins me to discuss Thor: Love & Thunder. We get into the questions the movie raised, the ones we wish it explored further and why one of us really enjoyed it, and the other- not so much. Andy started podcasting about movies 11 years ago…

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X-Men in the MCU

July 5, 2022

What will it look like to bring the X-men into the MCU? How does the mutant framework change in a world already used to superpowers? Do we need to keep the Prof X/Magneto conflict, or are their other paradigms to explore? X-men X-pert Miles Stokes joins Paul and myself to dive into it! Miles Stokes…

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Moon Knight and Mental Health

May 17, 2022

Mental health played a big part in Moon Knight, and we brought in an expert to talk about it. Saron Bryan, LCSW, returns to the show and joins Paul, Will, and myself, to talk about dissociative identity disorder (DID), how the show portrays it, and what better understanding it can tell us about Marc, Stephen,…

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Parental Controls and the Meaning of Family Friendly

March 23, 2022

Who decides what is ‘family friendly’ and for what kind of family? What kind of content should kids see or not see, and where does the responsibility fall in terms of media creators, distributors, and parents? Paul and I dive into these questions and more.

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Purple Man, Empath, and the Ethics of Total Control

September 21, 2021

What morality do you develop if no one ever tells you no? Do you learn not to hurt people, when you can always change their emotions? Will and Steve of Hype is my Superpower join me to discuss these issues on page and screen with a focus on Purple Man from Jessica Jones and Empath…

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What if we Talked about What If?

September 5, 2021

What if raises so many great ethical questions and we’re here to explore them! With Will and Steve of the Hype is my Superpower Podcast!

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Comics in the Classroom

September 1, 2021

Batman may face down the Joker, Cap was ready to take on Thanos by himself- but no hero is braver than the middle school teacher! Social Studies teacher and long time Panda Emily Cissell joins us to talk about how she uses comic books in her classroom. Emily Cissell is a middle school social studies…

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Loki Part 2: Ethical Variants

July 21, 2021

Did he who remains have to die? Did Loki miss the mark on queer representation? And how did the phrases Thank you Daddy Disney, and Schrodinger’s Kang, make it into our episode? Paul Hoppe and Fox Kaye join me to discuss these questions and more.

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Thirst Feedback

July 1, 2021

Our thirst episode, and the ongoing discussion of thirst and queerness has brought a lot of feedback and Ashley joined me to go over it. We talk about all the great support we’ve gotten, some of the negative comments that have come in and, amazingly, we kept our conversation under 35 minutes! (a bit longer…

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Daredevil on Page and Screen

May 26, 2021

What makes Matt Murdoch decide to become Daredevil? What troubles his conscience, and his faith, about putting on the mask, and how does the on screen version of those questions differ from that in the comic books. Will and Steve of the Hype is my Superpower join us for the first in our On Screen…

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