Dee Wallace

Healing Trauma, Rebuilding Life with Dee Wallace

December 14, 2021

Dee Wallace is an actor and a healer and she’s spent the last 20 years as an advocate and teacher in the art of self-creation. Today, we talk about healing yourself and your kids after living through the trauma of divorce.

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Room — Dee Wallace

March 1, 2016

The Next Reel’s Speakeasy is a new ongoing series of ours in which we invite an industry guest to join us and bring along one of their favorite movies to talk about. In this month’s episode, actress Dee Wallace joins us to talk about one of her relatively new favorites, Lenny Abrahamson’s amazing film “Room.”

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September 26, 2014

There’s something truly terrifying about a lovable pet turning on you and attacking. Especially when that pet is a St. Bernard, one of the big dogs with a small barrel of brandy around its neck that’s supposed to rescue people lost in the snowy Alps. But that’s what makes for great horror, right? Turning something lovable into something horrible. And Stephen King did that perfectly in his novel “Cujo,” which was turned into a film in 1983. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we continue our King series with Lewis Teague’s great horror film “Cujo.”

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