Dr. Ted Klontz

Ted and Brad Klontz and Finding Financial Peace in the Money Mammoth

April 30, 2021

It’s money week and that’s scary. Jobs won and lost. Health care, insurance, education. Bills coming due. Major, unexpected expenses. It’s no understatement to say that how we relate to money defines how we relate to the world around us. Ted and Brad Klontz are here to help.

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Ted Klontz and Facing Our Hardest Change Softly

October 23, 2020

Dr. Ted Klontz joins Dodge for a conversation around Motivational Interviewing, a methodology Ted shares that can help probe the roadblocks to personal change rooted in the sort paralyzing ambivalence to change that many of us deal with at some point in our lives.

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Gender, Emotion, and Cultural Conditioning with Ted Klontz

April 12, 2018

Ted is back! This time we’re kicking it off with a big question about men and emotions, but I guarantee you there are some surprises in store from there! Join us!

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Finding the Motivation to Change with Dr. Ted Klontz

June 30, 2016

I’m so excited to introduce you all to Dr. Ted Klontz. Ted is a psychologist based in Nashville and he’s here today because he’s a pioneer in the development and application of tools and techniques that help people to change their troublesome behaviors.

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