Finding the Words

Fact Check • Finding the Words

November 22, 2023

This week, the story of a quote. This quote is among the most well-known and widely shared of the words of a legend of peace. It’s been used by well-established thought leaders, in scholarly publications, books, and presentations, with thousands of references to this quote across social media. The problem is, the person never said it.

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Can AI Make Us More Human • Finding the Words

October 19, 2023

AI is an important tool and an indelible part of our future. But we don’t need to lose our humanity in the process of using it.

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Mind Over Machine • Finding the Words

October 5, 2023

The memory we carry in our pockets directly affects the memory in our heads—and that impacts how we communicate. So, what are you doing to protect that precious time you have … to think?

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Finding the Words: Dare to Ask

September 1, 2022

Two little words have the power to change HOW we communicate, and HOW we connect with and understand one another as a result. Those two words? What If?

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