Flickchart Re-Ranking

Flickchart Re-Ranking • July 2021 • Member Bonus Episode

July 15, 2021

We’re taking July off as usual but wanted to give the people what they want – more Flickchart re-ranking! Here’s another round, and let’s just say Andy ends up faring better than Pete.

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Flickchart Re-Ranking • June 2021 • Member Bonus

June 22, 2021

Andy and Pete duke it out with the ol’ tried-and-true method of RoShamBo as we re-rank some of our movies on Flickchart. This is another June Member Bonus Episode.

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Flickchart Reranking • May 2021 • Member Bonus Episode

May 21, 2021

Andy and Pete run through a number of Flickchart rerankings for our May Member Bonus Flickchart Reranking episode.

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person in black and white plaid long sleeve shirt holding white paper

The Great 2020 Film Board Flickchart Re-Ranking Extravaganza • Film Board Member Bonus

December 22, 2020

The Film Board Gathers! The thugs have come together for an annual re-ranking of all the movies introduced on the show over the last year or so. And… it’s only for our esteemed members!

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The Boring Flickchart Re-Ranking

November 30, 2015

Pete and Andy go through the tedious… yet entertaining?… task of re-ranking our Flickchart feed.

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