Harley Quinn • S3

August 2, 2022

Can we find ethical questions to discuss in HarleyQuinn Season 3? Hells yes! Emily Cissel joins us, and Abby Neiman makes her first podcast appearance!

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The Suicide Squad

August 17, 2021

Paul Hoppe and Jessica Plummer join me to discuss ethical questions in The Suicide Squad! Jess has a new book out, and if you buy it through this link you get a discount, and help support the podcast! https://bookshop.org/books/sword-stone-table-old-legends-new-voices/9780593081891?sscid=71k5_dqqyo&utm_source=ShareASale&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=2805314&utm_term=1535322&fbclid=IwAR3hbVPAI_cVvXhwdBlmmM-HBtdWQu1PGYRQjQzzzDjWxyiU_y7mizzmv3U

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Queer Heroes and Representation

June 22, 2021

Its Pride month so we’re talking queer representation in our sci-fi/fantasy/superhero stories. Why does representation matter? Why is it particularly important for the queer community, and why does Hollywood consistently do it so badly. We are joined by special guest Shiri Sondheimer. Shiri is a pansexual crone who rants about books and comics on Book…

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Birds of Prey with Jess Plummer

April 2, 2020

Jessica Plummer is back to talk Birds of Prey! What happens when Margot Robbie gets to make a Harley movie HER way? Can you be a villain who only punches up? And Is this the cinematic equivalent of a compliment in the bathroom from a drunk girl? Jessica Plummer lives in New York and loves…

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