The Last of Us • S1 E1-4

February 14, 2023

Returning guests Danielle and Erin join me to talk about the first four episodes of The Last of Us, and the video game up to the same point. Danielle (she/her) spends her days talking too much about Star Wars, MCU, and The Last of Us. She’s also a PhD researcher in Text & Image Studies,…

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True Blood • S1 E1-4

September 27, 2021

Welcome to our first episode of Superhero Ethics After Dark! 18+ only please.. Ashley and I are discussing True Blood, the HBO series about Vampires coming out of the Coffin in rural Louisiana, starting with Season 1, Episodes 1-4. We talk about the ethics of Vampires, is Sookie compassionate or naïve, all the ways this…

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