June 15, 2021

Mail Bag! Paul and I dig into your feedback.  Spoiler Warning- because we’re answering specific questions about different stories we’ve covered and there are a lot of spoilers, below are the different topics we cover, with the time it starts and when the next one starts, so you can skip ahead to not be spoiled.…

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Daredevil on Page and Screen

May 26, 2021

What makes Matt Murdoch decide to become Daredevil? What troubles his conscience, and his faith, about putting on the mask, and how does the on screen version of those questions differ from that in the comic books. Will and Steve of the Hype is my Superpower join us for the first in our On Screen…

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Fire the Anti-Canon

February 9, 2021

How would the Batman story change, if Bruce Wayne lived in the late 19th century? What ideals would Superman fight for, if he landed in the Soviet Union, instead of the United States? What happens when stories take our beloved characters and break canon by placing them in totally different times, settings, situations, or tones?…

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Dr. Doom and the Nature of Villains

January 19, 2021

Dr. Doom is one of the most famous villains to grace the comic book page. But in some stories he plays the role of an anti-hero, a reluctant ally, or even sometimes a hero himself- all without losing the core of his identity and outlook. Special guest J. Scotty St. Claire joins me for a…

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Finn and the Character that Could Have Been

September 24, 2020

‘Do not market a black character as important and then push them aside.’ – John Boyega, GQ Magazine https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/culture/article/john-boyega-interview-2020In a recent interview, John Boyega, the actor who played Finn expressed his frustration and anger at how the character was treated in the Star Wars postquels. Jared Sylva and Matthew Westfox use that interview as a…

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Catra, She-Ra, and the Ethics of Redemption

May 25, 2020

Jess Plummer and Becky Allen join us to discuss She-Ra! What makes Catra such a compelling character? How does this show blur the lines between hero and villain, friend and dating, and different shares of morality? What makes this show such a powerful example of representation, on so many levels? And just how hard to…

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