Juan José Campanella

The Secret in Their Eyes

November 16, 2017

Anyone who has seen a Ricardo Darín film knows he has very expressive eyes. The actors in the 2009 film El Secreto de Sus Ojos, or The Secret in Their Eyes, had to have more than just expressive eyes, though. They had to be able to carry heavy amounts of subtext in their eyes. And while director Juan José Campanella’s film is largely a detective story as Darín and his team work to solve a cold case, it’s also a story about unrequited love. Luckily, Campanella had worked with Darín before so he knew Darín could do it. And Darín pulls it off effortlessly, along with his costars Soledad Villamil and Guillermo Francella. Join us as we continue our series on actor Ricardo Darín with Campanella’s 2009 film The Secret in Their Eyes

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Son of the Bride

November 9, 2017

Juan José Campanella had developed a career bouncing back and forth between the US, where he would direct episodes of TV shows, and Argentina, where he was starting his feature film directing career. After his Argentinean feature film debut in 1999, he tapped his leading man – Ricardo Darín – to star in his next feature, El Hijo de la Novia, or The Son of the Bride. With a touching story about a man in a midlife crisis, Campanella created a story that speaks to the honesty of love, of growing older, of the effects of diseases like Alzheimer’s, of friendship — of life — and gave us a beautiful film.

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