Jules Ochoa

Intervention Fatigue in The Complex: Navigating the New ADHD Diagnosis with James & Jules Ochoa

October 26, 2021

James and Jules Ochoa are back to teach us how to navigating a brand new ADHD diagnosis without crashing into the wall of overwhelm. Plus, they bring a sneak preview of the new season of their own ADHD podcast, ‘The Complex’!

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Following up on “The Complex” with James and Jules Ochoa

May 8, 2018

James and Jules Ochoa have just wrapped their first season of ‘The Complex’, a podcast that approaches ADHD through the lens of a fictional apartment complex and its many ADHDer residents. They’re here today to share a bit about their experience and lessons learned in approaching the ADHD community through a podcast platform.

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Introducing The Complex with James and Jules Ochoa

February 13, 2018

James and Jules Ochoa join us today to celebrate the upcoming launch of their new podcast, “The Complex.” In it, they tell the story of a fictional apartment building and the manager trying to manage the eclectic personalities of it’s tenants. Episode one is included at the end of this show in its entirety.

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