Cobra Kai • V

October 4, 2022

Paul & I’s conversation on the latest season of Cobra Kai can be summed up as follows: Matthew: ok, this season really jumped the sharkPaul: Look at all this cool stuff on the other side of the shark! Plus a stinger about training montages.

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Champions! Ip Man 4 & Cobra Kai 4

July 26, 2022

Does a single champion define a martial arts style? Do the high school, we have to fight it out, antics of Cobra Kai make more or less sense among adults? And can Paul and Matthew really find a way to connect Ip Man 4 and Cobra Kai 4?

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Cobra Kai • S3: Results Oriented Morality

January 12, 2021

When you do the right thing and bad things happen- does it mean you did something wrong? Paul and Matthew take the concept of results oriented thinking, and look at how Johnny falls into that trap with morality and consequences in Season 3 of Cobra Kai. We also talk about the consequences of violence, why…

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Mercy, Honor, and Karate in Cobra Kai

September 10, 2020

Mercy. Honor. Heroes. Bullies. Teen love triangles. 80’s music. Karate. Paul and Matthew dive into the Karate Kid ‘verse with hit TV show Cobra Kai. What does it mean to be a bully, or a hero, and how do we lock ourselves, and others, into those boxes? What happens when the victim gains enough power to…

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