Len Wiseman

Underworld: Evolution

December 10, 2020

Does the vampire/werewolf soap opera bring anything new and worthy to the table after the first film? How do the villains hold up? And are any of the new bits of vampire/lycan lore good enough to become canon? Tune in to this week’s show to get these answers and more!

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December 3, 2020

Just how long have werewolves and vampires been fighting? How well does Kate Beckinsale work in this step into the lead role in an action franchise? Do the effects feel dated? How does Len Wiseman’s direction work for a first time feature filmmaker? Tune in to this episode to get answers to these questions and more.

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Live Free or Die Hard

January 18, 2018

Making a sequel is always a challenge, but making the fourth film in a franchise after a 12-year hiatus seems like a recipe for disaster. Luckily, the team behind Live Free or Die Hard found a director who was a huge fan of the franchise and worked hard with his team to not just make a great film but to really make a sequel to the original film that was better than the others. Join us as we continue our Die Hard series with Wiseman’s 2007 film Live Free or Die Hard.

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