Willow TV

January 17, 2023

Ashley, Katy, & Mark join me to try and find the good parts in the first season of Willow. We had varied success, but we had a lot of fun talking about it! Ashley Coffin claims many titles, including Stranded Panda Supreme Leader, MCU Co-Host, Empress of all Things Thirst, F*ck Around & Find Out…

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The Witcher • S2 E7-8

January 9, 2022

We’re wrapping up our coverage of The Witcher, Season 2, with our discussion of episodes 7-8. With Ashley Coffin and Paul Hoppe.

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The Witcher • S1 Primer Part 2

December 17, 2021

This episode was recorded for Pandavision, but we’re having trouble uploading so I’m posting it here as well. Season 2 of The Witcher just went up, and we’re helping you get ready for it! Ashley Coffin, Paul Hoppe, and Matthew Fox talk complete our primer on Season 1.

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The Ethical Color Pie: Grouping our Favs by an Ethical System

June 25, 2020

What’s more fun than taking an ethical system from one world, and trying to find how our favorite characters from other worlds fit into it. In this episode we start with the ethical color pie from Magic the Gathering, in which we look at ethics not in terms of actions, but motivations and mind sets.…

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